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Etiquette for Joining sessions ?
Hi, Cavery1962! Me and my bandmates also ran into this issue as we started out with JamKazam.

After a few of these occurrences, and some experimenting, here's what we do now when we want to have a "private" session (our band only, RSVP only, no one else not invited may join):

(NOTE: You can also find this content in the document "A Guide to Online Jamming with JamKazam" here, authored by a few folks in the forums.
If you desire to have a “private” session, for example, you and your band rehearsing, there are 2 options that will help you do this. Click the Sessions square in the application, then click the “Start or Schedule” button.

On “Step 3: Who is Playing With You, under “Who do you want to invite?” the “Plus any interested JamKazam musicians that I approve” check box is checked by default, so you’ll need to uncheck it if you don’t want to allow others to join. 

[Image: vXBi1LJdJr_GtJUJfy1L1-Oh89yajc_S-Joy01aB...o2Z22ne6ti]

On “Step 4: What Are Your Policies?”, the “How will you handle musician access?” drop down defaults to “Musicians may join at will”, so if you don’t want to allow that, you can choose another option. “Only RSVP musicians may join” worked well for a private, invited band members only session.

[Image: LFc2DdNIu-z_tH_Rc8ihsXA9PoIbaa5C_dvFVs9u...CP0NmWqpmO]

Of course, we do things differently when we are looking for a jam to join. I love the idea of having some etiquette around this, and thanks, Moose and Hans, for these great ideas.

Hope this helps!

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