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Which is better. USB interface or mixer?
(04-26-2020, 12:21 AM)Bigfoot Wrote: I'm a newbie to JamKazam and stuck in the analog world. I'm a drummer looking to jam with my band mates that moved away. I would like to know which is better a USB interface or a USB mixer. I currently using a Yamaha MG166CX analog mixer. Would it be better to connect that to a USB interface of get a USB mixer. I'm looking at Focusrite, M-Audio or Prosonus interfaces or a Mackie ProFX10V3. Any input or suggestions would be wonderful.

IMHO, if you already have the toy you're pleased with and used to (mixer), just get an audio interface/external sound card (same thing) and route your mixer through that, via USB/thunderbolt to your computer with jkz.

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