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Make the app touchscreen friendly
On my windows tablet, which has high resolution, I also cannot use the touchscreen for most things.  Even when I have increased the font size by using CTRL (+), the icons and things are too tiny for my small fingers.

Touch screen side effects of this problem on my Surface 3 tablet:
1) Scrolling on the Session list has to be done on the scroll bar, instead of just holding and pu$ng up on the screen.  When I try, instead of scrolling, it's selecting things
2) The home, back and forward icons are not clickable.
3) Adjusting volume levels, can't do it with touch screen. 

I could go on.....  there are quite a few things I cannot do without having a mouse or drawing pad.

Please make the app touch screen friendly!

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Make the app touchscreen friendly - by andrea.lynne - 04-22-2020, 02:32 AM

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