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built-in microphone not working for chat
Hi everybody,

this is my first thread in this forum.

I'm discovering JK and for now I'm struggling with the fact that I'm having big problems using the buit-in microphone of my MacBook Pro as my chat microphone.

I have my guitar hooked to my RME Fireface with Amplitube as VST and that's working fairly well. But then I would like to use the built-in microphone as my chat mic, but when I try to select "internal microphone" I only have a bad digital noise coming out.

Actually I tried to select all the options JK's giving me: I can select 4 "default inputs" (?) and 4 (?) "buit-in microphones" and all these inputs give me the same digital noise...

I'm a bit confused, does anybody had the same issue?
(I have a MacBook Pro running on Sierra)

Thanks y'all and keep on rockin'!


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built-in microphone not working for chat - by emanuel - 04-21-2020, 07:17 PM

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