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Setting up buffer size with Presonus AudioBox
Another new users here, and trying to set up the audio.  I have a Presonus AudioBox iOne, and the latest Presonus ASIO driver.

I can configure it for JK and can hear the guitar signal in a test session, and latency etc looks good.  However when trying with a friend in a session there is a lot of breakup on my audio.

It appears that JK is using to smallest buffer size that the interface supports, which is 16.  This is too small to be stable, which I know from using it with other applications, and I want to make this bigger, say 64, but I can not change what JK uses.  If I open the Presonus control from JK and change the buffer size, after a few seconds JK switches it back to 16.

Does anyone have and idea on how I can change the ASIO buffer size that JK is setting?  I even tried looking in the Audio.ini file but could not see where the 16 was coming from.

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Setting up buffer size with Presonus AudioBox - by johnm - 04-12-2020, 02:09 PM

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