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How do I change my forum displayed name
(04-11-2020, 03:42 AM)drp1098@hotmail.com Wrote: Thanks for the reply.

Yes, The User Control Panel displays my profile name as my email address. I don't find a way to change it to just my name or to a nickname like other members I see here on the forum. Such as your forum name, 'mabalot' and not your email.

Is it that my email address is only displayed to me and my full name is displayed to others?

Edit Profile on the left side navigation of User CP doesn't seem to have an option to change it either.

Any other suggestions would be appreciated.

>> User CP
> Edit Profile (lefhand column)
> Change Username

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RE: How do I change my forum displayed name - by Dimitri Muskens - 04-11-2020, 11:40 AM

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