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Frequent topics, in short
1. General loose tips - if technical problems in sessions; "NO AUDIO" - grayed out ...:

Author unknown - maybe or probably Eric McQuaid:
"the person seeing no audio usually has a router not letting audio in"

Try RESYNC-button
Try leave session - and come back
Maybe restart JamKazam
- and computer
- and router


2. "Listen" function (to ongoing sessions) is not working - anymore.
Since maybe 2 years.

3. The servers mixingproces is working again. After disorder since 6 months or so.
See more here https://forum.jamkazam.com/showthread.php?tid=192

4. DO NOT USE Wi-Fi (wireless)
- ONLY WIRED, CABLE (hardwired to IP)

Wireless is not suited for low-latency online jamming.

Wi-Fi (wireless)

- is increasing the latency
- can create crackling audio - because of "Packet Loss"
- can break up the audio - because of "Packet Loss"
- can produce "choppy" audio, wrote a swede in the clumsy JamKazam global chat (I like that expression)

and last, but not least

Wi-Fi (wireless) can

- jeopardize whole sessions; one bad connection as Wi-Fi can cause breakdown for all people in a session and for the session

"Ensure you are [...] not using wireless internet"
"Best regards, Team JamKazam"

from htps://www.thegearpage.net/board/index.php?threads/anyone-use-jamkazam-i-could-use-some-troubleshooting.1504869/

NB: One exception is when using JamTracks only

5. TEST NETWORK is not working for the moment.

Just ignore for the moment - and proceed !!!

JamKazam try to fix it. It was proclamated for a couple of days ago (and several other times, I think)
It should be a complicated matter.
It can take weeks or months, I believe.

TEST NETWORK tell about the quality and quantity of the internet connection.
For example how many particitants the connection can support in a session; audio and video.

When I did TEST NETWORK - when it work - my connection could support 8 in a session + 3 or 4 of them with video

Some connections can only support for example 3 with 1 video

I have never heard about a connection that can support more than 8.

NB: However. JamKazam recommend a maximum of 7 in session

Keep that in mind! You will learn by the hard way - sessions breaks apart

6. HELP DESK pages was removed last year

7. Easy way to join a particular person in session:

Type name in SEARCH field above chat - hover over name - click yellow CLICK TO JOIN, if any.

Dont waste valuable time to run wild in the JamKazam corridors.

If you know who to join
- then follow that instruction

8. Installing and Using ASIO4ALL for Windows:


9. All audio and video in sessions goes directly from person to person, not through the server.

It is so called peer-to-peer, P2P or p2p

10. USB2 is not working for ethernet adapter and JamKazam.

Use USB3

11. List of Audio Interfaces

12. Avatar/profile photo upload function seems to not work for the moment. Error message like this "App: AhUoVoBZSLirP3esyCl7Zz exceeds the limit."

13. Use search function above chat to find persons PROFILE etc. Type their name - and hover mouse cursor over result/name.

CONNECT is friendrequest.

Not all persons can be found - due to special spelling/typing.

Also, you can hover over name in musician, find session, view the feed, profile/history etc.

Invites to a session, friend requests etc. appear in "notifications" of the person who receives the message.

To find sessions (open and private sessions), go to "sessions", and then VIEW THE FEED.

Click on "details" to see names. Hover over name ...

A yellow Click to Join shows that the session is open/public/semi-open. To join session, click on Click to Join.

To find only open/public sessions go to "sessions" and "find sessions" ...

[special thanks to the unknown person that have contributed to making this point 13 text better]

14. In "find session" is the maximum of listed sessions 20 - and ALL are OPEN or semi OPEN
In VIEW THE FEED is ALL sessions, private + public, In progress + ended. + ALL recordings
ALL persons in sessions can bee seen
NO session is hidden.
You can find them in
1. Find session
3. In peoples profil/history

NO limits for people signed in, as far as I know
The audio and video is NOT going through the server.
But directly from person to person.
it is peer-to-peer, P2P
You can not see if people are signed in.
Unless they are in your friendlist - or in session

15. How to get in !?

On the frontside is "create session"
There one can start a session, a privat/closed or a open/public.
And a scheduled session can be set up there.
There is also access to VIEW THE FEED, where ALL current and ended sessions is listed. And ALL recordings, too.

On the frontside is also "find session".
There is 20 open or semi open sessions listed.

BUT first of all one has to go to AUDIO GEAR to make a gear-configuration
Otherwise it is not possible to start and join sessions
Good luck!

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