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One way distortion issues in a three jammer session
Hi everybody,

I am new to Jamkazam and new to the forum. For my problem at hand I have used the search function and came upon a similar issue (more below). But because my friends and I have no more than a mere hour per week to try to jam, I hope to gather some more input for our next attempt.

We are three people, say, A,B and C. We all set up Jamkazam to the best of our knowledge by following tutorials for audio gear and router settings. Still we have an issue with the audio quality. However, oddly just between two participants and just in one direction. That is A and B hear each other clearly, so do A and C. C has no problem hearing B. But B (that is me, unfortunately) hears a distorted signal from C. B can hear C's instrument with nice quality quietly, but it is overlayed with a louder, distorted, crackling version of it. It reminds me a bit of 8bit Arcade music.

A similar issue was described in this post. It contains two suggestions: 1. that everybody uses the same sampling rate of 44.1 kHz, and 2. that everybody uses p2p routing. We will give both suggestions a try next time. Do you have any more ideas, what we may try?

By the way, latencies are generally good, apart from one internet latency for C (~80ms), who lives on the other side of the world with respect to A's and B's location. This is the only "red dot" we have in our list.

Thanks for your help!


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