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Apogee jamcompatibility
Hi guys

I used first generation Apogee Jam (not 96K previous one) in jamkazam on my Mac Air, which I have been using for 5-6 years and working well with Garageband and other recording softwares. 

Regarding jamkazam, i plugged that in and am able to use it in solo sessions without any problem. My latency was 10.73 which was quite good. 

However, when i tried to join a session with my bandmates, they were not able to hear me and i could not hear them as well. I see “no audio” warning on the screen regarding from other mates. Hey see thr sane comment regarding  e on their screens. 

Does anyone have any idea whether jamkazam may work with Apogee Jam? If yes, which version works well? 

I would appreciate your advises so much. Thanks.

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