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Roland edrums without local monitor
(12-14-2021, 09:15 PM)Bigvic Wrote: Thanks for this….but the Roland has an internal audio interface.  If I plug the mic into the mixer and audio into the Roland that is USB to the Mac, I dont understand what the advantage is to having the Motu involved anywhere?
You answered your own question in your first post.
>Having your headphones attached to your module you cannot disable/bypass local monitoring. Something you can do with an audio interface (=external sound card). Turn the knob all the way to 'playback' on your MOTU M4. Next to that, the MOTU is pretty quick.
It does take being in a session to get your signal back into the audio interface and thus your headphones.
If you'd want to play on your own - without going through JamKazam (or other platform/DAW) - turn the knob to 'input' for direct monitoring.
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