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Problems adding a second audio track
(04-06-2020, 07:22 PM)Moose Hofer Wrote: Hello everyone,

I just installed Jamkazam yesterday in hopes of playing with a few of my buddies that are also self-isolating, distancing, etc.

Anyway, totally new to this, and I am having trouble getting 2 usb inputs to work on my MacBook Air.  Both usb inputs seem to work fine when I swap between them.  I've been trying to troubleshoot for a couple of hours.

In Audio Gear Setup:

I can get my bass guitar to work via a Rocksmith/Ubisoft real tone cable, or my vocal mic (cheap USB mic) but it seems that I cannot have (2) audio tracks/input working at the same time.  I keep getting the same Alert message that says:

You have no more unassigned input ports.
You can free some up by editing an AUDIO track.

Any help is appreciated. It looks like there are some threads out there with similar problems, i.e., Add Audio Track Does Nothing.  Not sure if we are sharing the same problem.  

Ideas? Help?

The only workaround I have figured out is to use a pair of apple 3.5mm mini earbuds to listen and add a mic thru the Mac headphones plug.  This definitely keeps me on a leash right in front of the laptop, and not as nice as my Sennheiser headphones.




One problem a couple of us had related to this issue was because of our choice of "Upright Bass" as instrument - this was resolved as a workaround by selecting "Electric Bass".  Obviously, this isn't the cause of your issue - but - I found during troubleshooting this problem that a useful thing was to reset the audio interface, and try installing audio gear again.  It seemed that frequently, things would "get stuck" during this process, with weird things happening.  It may be a bit of a hail Mary, but, I might suggest giving that a try. 

It's located under the "Manage" menu item (upper left hand corner).  Manage->Audio Setting->Configuration->Reset Audio Configuration.


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