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JamKazam Dying?
(10-07-2021, 01:16 PM)ChuckVA Wrote:
(09-17-2021, 01:35 PM)Sticks Wrote: Well, there are many more sessions going on on JK nowadays. JK is far away from dying. I  am online 4 times a week and it is amazing how many sessions are running each night. Even the upcoming session list is pretty long.

I don't know when you're on but it still is the same for me, just went on again last night and the few sessions that are on are people that make you RSVP and don't let you in or I went into another session and they complained they were just working on settings, then I went to another session and the first thing I hear is "Did you let Chuck in?" followed by this guy telling the other person how to restrict the session and let only certain people in or how to kick people out, it's not only just less sessions but now very cliquish.

I'm on almost daily and find a lot of 'open' sessions, some just talk (I leave again most of the time) and some really enjoyable. I also am admitted to 'RSVP' ones regularly, also some just talk (I mostly leave) and others nice and sometimes even good sessions. I also just start a 'public/open session' myself and let myself be surprised by who joins in for some fun. And yet, not every day is like the last. It can be 'busy', it can be 'quiet', or somewhere in between.

It's known that more and more 'RSVP-sessions' or 'join by approval' occur, some because they want to be 'private' at that moment (we have to respect that), others to have control over who joins (also understandable). Many good sessions are/were 'disturbed' by people coming in with blazing guitars/drums/keys/tv/radio/kids/pots&pans/noise and whathaveyou. Also by people joining without paying attention to the latency(distance) to the peers already playing and start to 'play along' anyway, completely out of timing, and thus killing it for everyone else.
Another annoying habit of some is the total lack of setting up their gear and levels properly and coming in with clicks & pops and/or distorted (too strong/in the red) sound.

Just go online regularly, join and/or start many different sessions, cherry pick the peers you enjoy playing with and send them a friend request. Build your own little "clique".
> Tamacti Jun <

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