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Jmkazam won't sart with Presonus Firewire Interface

I'm using a Windows 10 64 bit machine of reasonable  spec for audio recording with a presonus Live 16:4:2 firewire interface. Just downloaded jamkazam and it won't open. I've seen a few people on the Presonus forums with similar problems. In my case I just see a blank messge window nested inside a jamkazam application window. Any attempt to interact with this just gives the "application is not responding" message from windows. 

Any advice on how I might trouble shoot this? I am not keen on changing my audio setup too much as it works brilliantly with everything else I have thrown at it including butt, OBS, Capture, StudioOne, Cubase etc.

Thanks. /MD

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Jmkazam won't sart with Presonus Firewire Interface - by Matthew Davies - 03-29-2020, 01:58 AM

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