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Problem with bias fx 2 and JK
(06-10-2021, 10:17 PM)Dimitri Muskens Wrote:
(06-10-2021, 09:51 PM)chuckusa Wrote: Alright so I am like 10 years behind everyone els when it comes to using a computer and guitar. I struggle. 
Anyway here is where I am at. 

I own Bias FX Elite, my computer is a Dell optiplex 790 with windows 10 at 64bit quadcore proc. with 16 gigs of ram, plenty of hard drive space.
my usb interface is an M-Audio M-track solo. 

My account for Jamkazam is platinum. 

Why is it so difficult to set up my guitar and host a session? So far if I play clean or start the 32bit bias fx 2 vst in jamkazam with clean amp settings
then it seems to work fine, green dots all the way down due to the many different attempts I made to setup my gear and play in jamkazam.

The second I turn on a high gain or distorted preset, my output chops like theres a constant static mute button being pressed every 2 seconds almost like a robot. My samples match in my windows input and output. How come I can't play distortion with my vst? I am guessing if I buy one of the hardware boxes designed by the Jamkazam team, my problems will magically disappear? Lol...

First of, welcome Chuck. Apparently you are doing just fine with your PC & guitar, having an 'all green' standard config. Well done!
Now, JamKazam doesn't sell any "hardware boxes" (anymore) and if you could find an old one it is sadly no longer supported.
You could be picking up some latency once you go through your virtual FX pedals, or somehow your hardware is being overextended. What happens with 'the numbers' in JKz when you turn on your FX? (Audio Interface I/O jitter & latency) How are you routing your signal to JKz? (and back to your Audio Interface headphone output). Where's your FX in that loop?

BTW - "hosting a session" (you're not really hosting, it's p2p) is real easy. Just click 'create session' and pick your flavor. You can then either wait for others to join (when you choose 'public' or 'friends') or you can actively invite 'friends' to join you ('Invite Musicians' in the 'personal mix' column).

Hi thanks for the welcome and reply! I run my usb interface into my 2.0 usb port into my computer. The bias fx 2 vst is loaded in jamkazam and when I turn on the bias fx vst it sounds good with clean fx type sounds but when I try a preset that has a real dirty amp and distortion my input output jitters jump from like .3 to 5 or even 7ms. But only when I try distorted sounds... Thats as far as I got. I figure if I cant play with distortion then whats the point? Lol I want to play clean and mild effects too but I love dirt and lead sounds... I love cleans too but I gotta have it all.

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