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Problem with bias fx 2 and JK
Alright so I am like 10 years behind everyone els when it comes to using a computer and guitar. I struggle. 
Anyway here is where I am at. 

I own Bias FX Elite, my computer is a Dell optiplex 790 with windows 10 at 64bit quadcore proc. with 16 gigs of ram, plenty of hard drive space.
my usb interface is an M-Audio M-track solo. 

My account for Jamkazam is platinum. 

Why is it so difficult to set up my guitar and host a session? So far if I play clean or start the 32bit bias fx 2 vst in jamkazam with clean amp settings
then it seems to work fine, green dots all the way down due to the many different attempts I made to setup my gear and play in jamkazam.

The second I turn on a high gain or distorted preset, my output chops like theres a constant static mute button being pressed every 2 seconds almost like a robot. My samples match in my windows input and output. How come I can't play distortion with my vst? I am guessing if I buy one of the hardware boxes designed by the Jamkazam team, my problems will magically disappear? Lol...

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Problem with bias fx 2 and JK - by chuckusa - 06-10-2021, 09:51 PM
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