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Mesh network didn't help with internet latency
Not sure what you mean by mesh but I have fibre broadband with mesh WiFi transmitters - if it's that then you need to have a wired connection straight to the router/through network socket on the first Mesh transmitter if 'straight through' wired broadband is available there (as on mine). Any radio involved will kill JamKazam's performance. 

I recently swapped out radio-borne high spec Wireless Broadband for fixed cable for exactly that reason, on the route to the home leg.

Although high latency's a good sign things are wrong for JamKazam, high Jitter values are another/the main indicator.

Hope this helps!

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RE: Mesh network didn't help with internet latency - by mheeley.gm@gmail.com - 06-04-2021, 09:19 AM

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