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Getting bombed on JK sessions
(05-18-2021, 08:47 PM)Olivier Piroue Wrote: Today was my second session where an intruder (not having joined the session) posted an audio file to the session and it plays back at an extremely loud volume. Has anyone else experienced this?
Hi Olivier,

I did not experience this myself on one of my sessions.
If you started the session and you have someone disturbing your session you can kick this intruder out (but only if you are the host/ creator of the session):

On the left hand top corner you click on Manage - then 'In Session User Management' and simply lock the intruder, which will be listed under 'Jammers'.
This will kick him/ her out immediately and he/ she has no chance to get back into one of your sessions.

Good luck and happy jamming!
Stay safe!

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