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JK is getting worse and worse since upgrade plan
Put things in perspective: for us, comprehending the jargon alone is a challenge, nevermind trying to get to the bottom of all the technical issues. It would be fair to say that all of us naively expected a plug-and-play solution? All credit to the developers of JK so far. (But, it is not foolproof yet, because fools are ingenious?)

During our trial run last night with three participants, some even had to be directed to the "Manage" drop-down menu (didn't know of its existence or functionality). So we did take a quick peek at the "Network + Route" settings, and much to our intrigue saw that we had different ARS locations -- one in Seattle, the other in Tacoma.
If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Once we got JK working reasonably a few weeks ago, we did not attempt to delve deeper into any of the settings. In answer to your questions: mostly we don't know. I think it was the internet/session jitter? Will take note during our full session tonight. We are primarily trying to play music, not debug software.

Because we had trouble with JamTracks before, we tested that too. Initially, couldn't get it to work. Various successive attempts to open a specific Jamtrack: one member heard nothing; same member had total distortion; other member had total distortion. Then, miraculously it worked for all three (although it was overwhelmingly loud for one).

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