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JK is getting worse and worse since upgrade plan
(05-05-2021, 01:03 AM)schabeth Wrote: Our five-man-band's experiences over the past few weeks have been the same. Almost like a steady regression? Last week, with four only present, one member could hear the other three, but all he heard was distortion. Various attempts to leave the session, and come back, by all of us, did not change anything. Yes, strangely enough, the jitter readings were substantially higher than before as well.
We're going to attempt a session tonight with three only, to see if the individual has continuing or specific issues, and to try and fiddle with some settings on a trial-and-error basis. Likely play a JamTrack too, because previously one person only got garbage to listen to, whereas the others had it loud-and-clear.

Hi, in which part of the equation were your "jitter readings substantially higher"? On your Audio Interface or on your Internet Connection? Was this the case for all session peers? Are all session peers using the same Network Route settings? (p2p or ARS)
For the member that heard only "distortion", would that also be the case in a 'quick start private session'?. Did you all try to connect with that member separately to eliminate any possible issue between specific peers?

Then there are all sorts of other variables to take into consideration. Even accidental change of a setting (a box is easily ticked when using a glide-/track-pad, etc.) Also when using other audio processing software, like e.g. a DAW, on the same machine, the settings of an Audio Interface can be changed/set/reset without it being obvious.

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