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Help with finding open Jams to join
Hello Jammers,

I'm a noob JK'er who has no other friends on JK. Being a techno-nerd I was immediately interested in using JK as a way to connect with my former bandmates since we now live far apart. My problem is that no one else I know has the tech chops to get JK up and running so here I am by my lonesome and I'm not the type who would normally stroll into a jam session with other players I don't know.

I'm a rhythm guitar player and vocalist...mostly dead tunes & covers. My wife plays keyboards/percussion/vocals and is more shy about jamming with strangers then I am.

I've skimmed the forums and see tons of good help for the technical side of JK setup but I haven't yet found any guidance on finding and joining jam sessions with people I don't know. Have I missed some online instructions somewhere?  Can anyone walk me through it? What is the best way to search for and join live sessions with people I don't know...and what is the etiquette for these type of sessions?  


in Eugene

"What do you want me to do,
To do for you to see you through?

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Help with finding open Jams to join - by mportman - 03-15-2021, 05:53 PM

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