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What key is a track in?
(03-01-2021, 05:50 PM)freewheeling Wrote: I am new to Jamkazam and so I think I might be asking a really stupid or obvious question.   I want to know what key the track is in but I can not see that information.  The app has the option to change the pitch by semitone but it doesn't say what the starting pitch/key it's in.   I want to sync the track with the music notion that I have.

What am I missing?

you are not missing anything - the key of the jamtrack is not documented for any of the tracks I have. AFAIK the tracks I have are all recorded in their original key(s). I play piano, so I find the pitch of the song on my keyboard. In some cases you might be able to find that information on the internet, or you could use an app like Yamaha Chord Tracker to assist you.

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