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A positive experience - so don't dispair
It's good to share positive experiences. Achieving and experiencing a good session is possible. Myself, and the buddies i normally play with are in the same U.S west coast anywhere from 50 mi to 1000 mi apart and we are in always in the yellow. We occasionally play with some folks from 3 thousand miles away and of course there's some latency, but it seems the overall playing is better and enjoyable. We even had a drummer yesterday, something I'm hesitant about but its as if he was down the street. very minor latency.  Overall, a very good time is had by all. Thanks, Dimitri for he positive spin. It's nice to know you're having a good time in addition to your efforts to help others have them by answering questions on the forum. peace

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RE: A positive experience - so don't dispair - by GDJ - 02-22-2021, 01:56 PM

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