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A positive experience - so don't dispair
Yesterday, for the third week in a row, I had a successful band/rehearsal/session with the same group of people. Circumstances where thus, that we were able to play freely and at times even reach a tightness coming close to having actual 'pocket' (for the lack of a better word, I think most will understand)

Our situation; the group varies from 5 to 8 people & myself (I'm a stand-in, tech/coach) scattered over Netherlands. 80-140km apart.
Two peers with a MacBook Pro, the rest laptop/PC/W10. All with minimal tweaking. (but the obvious)
Focusrite, Behringer & Presonus external sound cards.
All with headphones and talkback / vocals via a sound card attached microphone - no speakers or onboard 'gear' involved.
All with a true public IPv4 address, no port forwarding (but myself) or tunneling.
One peer on fibre, the rest a mixture of cable (DOCSIS) & xDSL at multiple providers.
(All JKz gold accounts. All on 'Prefer P2P path')

Yesterdays 'pings' - comparable to prior occasions - as seen on my end (I'm the furthest away from all other peers)
'Best' = 11ms steady (to the person on fibre)
'Worst' = 22ms/fluctuating (to a person with a shared cable/DOCSIS) connection.
The rest sub 20ms.

This is, even for a drummer, a very enjoyable situation that holds up for an entire session with minor glitches.

Not looking to bloat, not trying to prove a point, not looking to start a 'yea nay', just reporting a positive sound  Tongue
It can be done. With a little perseverance and common sense.


NB - "will it ever be the same?" (as 'live'?). Nope! But for these people, in strict medical quarantine, it is a very welcome positive break.

NB2 - We have actually been able to do this many times before, starting many months ago. But since there are reports of trouble with current installments, including "it used to work okay but it is not now" - I specifically wanted to report on our current situation.

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A positive experience - so don't dispair - by Dimitri Muskens - 02-22-2021, 11:15 AM

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