Do you hear distortion in your headphones that is not heard by session partner?
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Headphone distortion
(02-17-2021, 03:32 AM)Zlartibartfast Wrote: Another vote for the Power Mixer - and especially for the comp on/off settings (good to have on for vocals, good to have off for line instruments like a keyboard).

I advocate you break out your inputs into as many channels as you can. Remember your JamKazam peers will get one stereo track from you whether you have 1 or 100 inputs. If your interface presents 4 inputs to Jamkazam then go with one mono track for your vocal, one mono track for your guitar, and one stereo track for your keyboard. By doing this, you will have separate monitor tracks, each with their own gain and pan control. This will allow you to make fine adjustments to your own mix, which is where your problem is occuring.

What you are putting in is OK (your own recording and the response from your peers have made that clear).

Your problem is in your personal mix, and the good news is, that's an easy fix.

Sorry, i disagree with the comment "which is where your problem is occurring."

I have several Audio Interface configurations. 16, 8, and 2 channel inputs. currently I'm using my 8 I/O, which translates to 4 stereo tracks. Depending on how you mix everything drives the overall headphone mix sound. Having said this, I put a Mixer in front which gives me 8 discrete I/Os to my AI 8 Inputs. If others are saying your signal is clear, trust them for now. Additionally, when I use a 2 channel I/O, I have a hardware mixer in front of the AI with 8 inputs occupied for guitars, drums, guitar synth, stereo vocals. All mix down without problems or distortion. The idea that having discrete tracks for fine tuning as an advantage is not necessarily true. It's actually more complicated because it requires extra time and learning to balance everything out. The only reason i do it is so my Recordings have discrete tracks so i level everything in my DAW when post processing. Having a hardware mixer allows me better control for eq, panning, and control how my i push my signal to JK. I know some folks use a DAW with passthru.

Back to the power mixer. Yes, experiment with disabling the compression and move the sliders around to understand what they do. There is a 'reset' for the power rmixer and it will not affect any changes you make in your session track controls. Personally I spent more time in the power mixer, and less in the Session controls.

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