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Win10 Media Relay Server notifications repeat
(02-04-2021, 02:01 AM)StuartR Wrote:
(01-29-2021, 06:49 PM)starmusic Wrote: After JK startup, I get a noisy pop-out notification that the Media Relay Server setup is X% done,
and it repeats every couple seconds with only tiny increase in % for 5 minutes!
I'm on a very fast connection, btw.
It's extremely annoying, and says something like "leave client running until done".

This time, it got to 100% and said it was done, but then started over.

What causes this, and how can I suppress the notifications or better yet do something to help it finish faster?

This is interesting as they've disabled the use of the Audio Relay server in the recent client builds. I haven't seen this behavior myself.

Not so much, as per the change log only the number of (nagging) popups regarding the ARS have been reduced.
If you look at the 'Net Path' it will actually state 'ARS' - at least it does for the people I work with and myself. Where this would change to 'p2p' before when one chose to use 'p2p prefered'.

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