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MAC BOOK PRO ( HIGH SIERRA) insight camera video screen cannot be seen by friends
(01-25-2021, 02:11 AM)StuartR Wrote:
(01-24-2021, 08:13 AM)hirschle1 Wrote:
(01-23-2021, 11:32 PM)GDJ Wrote: I'm not an expert on this but have been diving into using Video sessions myself. My question to you is, doesn't your Macbook have a built in video camera, and as a test, does it work? I realize there is flexibility with an external camera to place it where you want, but I think for troubleshooting purposes it would be good to localize the issue. Can you friends see the video from your MB camera?

here the answers to your question:

1) the insight camera is a built in internal  MAC camera  and as a test, it does work.  but with Jam kazam it only works for me. my session friends can not see my video screen

2)  My friends can not see the video from my MB Camera

Any more ideas ?

(01-24-2021, 02:55 AM)Dimitri Muskens Wrote:
(01-23-2021, 06:26 PM)hirschle1 Wrote: Unfortunately, on my MAC BOOK PRO (HIGH SIERRA  - OS 10.13.6)  the  insight camera cannot be seen by others.

JK does detect the insight camera, and i can see myself captured by the camera, but in sessions , after inviting friends, only the audio works. 
The  video of them does not pop up.
 I tried several settings in JK video and streaming menue, but these  settings seems not responsible for that problem.

Also invited friends can not see my camera video.

Btw...  I am in trial phase  ( until Feb 2nd) and so have GOLD status ( confirmed by JK) , so videos should be enabled that way. 
Btw... In "System preferences --Privacy"  there is to "camera" entry. so  I can`t add JK there. 

Does anybody have any idea ?

Sorry for maybe bringing up the obvious but your post isn't clear on the matter.

Are you actually manually activating [video] in the 'button bar' of your session screen?
It sounds like you're just expecting to have video when entering a session.
Video is off by default and should (could!) be activated per session and per peer.

thanks for your question  . I forgot to tell, that, of course,  I pressed the "Video" Button and also my friends did.   I also tried out several video menue  and

stream menu options, but none of these actions made the friends video screen pop up .
Didn't the trial phase end in early January? That would leave you in Free mode which of course has no video support.
 no,  I am in trial phase  ( until Feb 2nd)

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