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Cannot upgrade from free
(02-07-2021, 07:31 AM)sonjacholness@gmail.com Wrote: I have tried both in the app and through the web browser. Either nothing happens, or it goes through and charges my card twice but then nothing happens. The transactions drop off with no explanation why and I'm still stuck on free member$p. Tried support but since I"m only signing up to silver plan they aren't interested in helping. You can apparently only get support on Gold or Platinum plans. Also having a hell of a lot of issue with getting my playing partner up and running. Sample rate issues, no audio etc. In the last month we've spent about 12 hours troubleshooting Jamkazam and maybe two hours of actual playing over zoon since we can't get this program to work as it should. Frustrating that we are now being asked to pay for something that consistently has issues. I'd be happy to get the gold plan and access support if i could pay for it!

I can't pay for an upgrade either. For me, the problem starts even earlier; the app refers me to the web browser to update my payment details, but in the browser none of the buttons in the menu for updating payment details work. I use Safari 14.0.3 on a Macbook Air with MacOS 10.15.7.
I would like to upgrade to have less latency trouble and more play time with more people. My band mates have told me how well it works for them and they have the Gold subscription.

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