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The mixer has gone off of the rails
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Little by little we managed ironing out all those ripples, so we're having a ball now, here in the Netherlands.

Meanwhile, latency is small enough to allow our Bluegrass to be played, between the NE and the middle of the country.

Our 4 piece band ( 2 couples, one on each side of the connection) is playing together rather effortless.
Since Bluegrass is not played with a central timegenerator (guitar, mandolin, 5 string banjo & double bass only), keeping the rhythm tight is much more of a challenge.

When we were plagued by sufficient latency, anything we started slowed down to a growl in no time.  Confused Big Grin
Nowadays I can even kick off a ripping banjo instrumental and it all stays together, ending at the same bpm as where we'd started.

Another treat is being able to sing tight, three part, harmonies  Angel as if we were in the same room.

We haven't performed since Feb 2020, so this is a big treat.

In short, Jamkazam works! Heart

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