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JK keeps resetting Presonus buffer size to 16
(12-19-2020, 09:48 PM)Terles Wrote: If you have a DAW, open it and set your buffer size there, then run JamKazam and it should stick to what you set in the DAW.  What do you have your Outgoing Bitrate set to (under Manage/ Audio Settings/ Audio Frame size)?  The higher that number, the better your audio quality.
I tried 2 different DAWs, one of the Reaper. Did not help. Each time JK started the buffer size went back to 16. If I change the buffer to something while JK is running JK shows a little message in the System Tray to the effect of "re-initalizing audio device" and the buffer is once again reset to 16.

I saw another report where someone had a similar situation with a different brand audio interface except in that case the buffer kept being reset to a very large size. Makes me suspect that JK might not specify a buffer size but does issue a "reset request" and the drivers do what they are programmed to do in that case. Reaper even has an option to "ignore reset requests" but it made no difference.

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