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Wednesday Dec 9th 7-9pm EST - Problems Abound
Just a heads up. Your mileage may vary.  I would be careful about making the generalization that JK is not ready for prime time. Your experience may not measure to everyone else.  I use JK 4 days a week mostly with the same folks. Things are very stable, no problems like you describe at all. Point being, what you experience does not speak for all. Secondly, while it’s a good idea to have the same session players using the same bit rate, do keep in mind frame rate actually has more to do with our own audio interface driver is talking to your audio interface hardware. However, if you are in the Red on your frame rate, it could yield distortion. My suggestion is, make sure all of your session attendees are using the same network settings > route > and one of the three options. My experience is, when EVERYONE in the session is on prefer lowest latency path, sound quality and stability is better. For what it’s worth, I have an 8 channel Interface and my regular Jamkazammers are all set to 192kp bit rate. The feedback with each other is nice and clear. I’ve been online since April and given the ups and down with the updates, some how we have been able to learn more about the app and an achieve a level of clarity in the session. Latency in April was difficult, but is now much better. Figure it out.

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