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My mix tracks different than master
I'm testing out the Runaround Sue JamTrack and finding that when I create my own mix, the background vocal track is misaligned with the other tracks and sounds very bad compared to the master track. I tested this in the web client (and mac desktop app) and got the same result in both. I compared the "master" track to one I created with the mixer (all tracks on except for the click track.) I tried to attach the MP3 files to this post, but the attachments were rejected. Is this something that can be fixed? If not, I won't be able to use the JamTrack.

UPDATE: I tried creating a new mix from my Windows machine, but got the same result. The backing vocal track is $fted about 2 seconds earlier than it should be relative to the other tracks... It's really obvious if you compare a full mix to the "Full JamTrack".

UPDATE #2: I downloaded the individual tracks into Audition and the Voice (backing) track starts almost exactly 1.5 seconds too soon. The others line up nicely.



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My mix tracks different than master - by Fred - 12-06-2020, 01:32 AM

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