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Yamaha DTX 400 connectivity
I am experiencing trouble connecting my Yamaha DTX 400 electronic drum set to JamKazam during the Audio Gear Set-Up Phase. I successfully connected the MIDI interface from this drum set to my laptop using a USB 2.0 cable. However, during the Select & Test Audio Gear step, the DTX is not showing up under the drop down menu for either Audio Input Device or Audio Output Device. The only options for these are "Built-In Microphone/Output" and "Default Input/Output," so I selected the default options. However, during the Configure Tracks step, my DTX is showing up under "Add MIDI track." When I go to add this MIDI track, it asks me to also select a MIDI Instrument (VST or AU Plug-in), which I don't have. I chose one of the Apple AU plug-ins at random. After multiple attempts to jam with friends, I could successfully hear their instruments through the headphones I have connected to my DTX MIDI, but they have been unable to hear my electronic drum sounds (just the sounds of me hitting rubber). Any guidance on this issue would be much appreciated!

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