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Electronic Drums Settings.
Hi. Your DM8 channel on the UMC202HD should be set to line. I have the same edrum kit, although I actually use the USB out of it as the MIDI input to a drum soft synth (VSTi, 32-bit only, in my case an old copy of XLN Audio's Addictive Drums 1) on my laptop. My interface is a Behringer XR18 (used for my old band), and although it's been a while since I've run that particular setup, back about 6 months ago I could run a mono vocal mic track , a stereo keyboard track, the stereo drum VST track played by the DM8 pads, and a mono electric guitar track, all running simultaneously from my older Win10 laptop in a JamKazam session. It is very tricky to set all of that up and keep that configuration, but it can be done. Make sure you're running the latest ASIO river for the 202HD, and that you have set the latency to the lowest you can. If your laptop is rather old, you may have to increase the buffer(latency) to reduce the clicking and stuttering. Do this tweaking in a "solo session" in JamKazam first, where you can eliminate the the ambiguity of whether the problems are local (your JK and interface settings) or Internet-based. Also make sure you have direct monitoring disabled on your interface. You may have to actually "mute" it in the Behringer control panel. You want to listen to your tracks coming back from JamKazam, as they will be closer aligned in latency with those of the other players. Keep in mind that while all of those exist as individual tracks on your local end, only a single stereo mix of all of your instrument is sent to the other players, so you have to balance the relative levels of those tracks with the mixer faders in the session screen. Hope this helps,

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