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Any microwave broadband versus fibre issues?
Thanks for your response - I absolutely agree that wireless replaces fibre leg(s) - the service is beamed from specific dishes on rural properties (whose owners may be Users) , to a set of End Users, but I had thought rather than being a soupde-up WiFi it was more akin to the microwave spec used to take mobile telco traffic to cellsites where fibre is impractical - and therefore like for like with fibre quality. I'll take it further with my provider who claim a superior service (all round in my understanding) to the local fibre provider. Certainly for business and video conferencing, and any weather effects to date, the service is equal to or better than the local fibre provider. However, it does seem that on the specifics of latency and jitter I'm causing problems. I plan to make a change to fibre in the fairly near future anyway, so any visible improvement would settle the issue!
It'd be good to hear from someone who had made that change, or the reverse, to firmly pin the problems on the technology, or not.

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