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Audio Files still don't close consistently
(11-07-2020, 10:03 PM)carvinae185@gmail.com Wrote: We open our own custom drum backing tracks in a Jamkazam session.  Works pretty well but quite often we can't close the file so we can open the next one.
Fairly good session today with four of us all located between Seattle and the Canadian border ....we continue to have problems when we open a local audio file or Jam track and about half the time it won't close so that you can go on to the next one ...

we did discover that even though I started the session I can leave and the three remaining musicians can invite me back in at which point the file will close....... This is our number one problem with JamKazam right now

There is NO session 'host'. Sessions are set up P2P = peer to peer and every 'peer' has an equal roll in a session. Every peer can leave and come back to the same session as long as it's 'open' bij at least one jammer. That is hardly a problem. Actually you seem to have found a 'work around' for your problem. (by leaving and coming back in)

All the bells and whistles like jamtracks, sharing sheet music and recording, are fun but really not the 'core business' so to speak. The program/app/platform is designed by musicians/IT-guys some years ago to be able to play together live, even when they're apart.
Furthermore all's still very much 'in beta' and free ... .

I'm sure that by the time the JamKazam people start charging for the service, everything will work just fine and there will be (paid) support.

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