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Crackling sound during session
(10-20-2020, 08:03 AM)Gen Wrote: Hi, 

1) During live sessions, a person in our group is hearing loud crackling sounds from my vocals.  When he did the recording and we listened back we could hear the crackling.  This was a session that the other person created and I joined. We have tried altering various settings (such as buffer size) on my audio interface and computer, but he still gets the crackling.

2) We did another test where I created a session and the other person joined.  I then started a recording and when playing it back there was no crackling sound at all. However the other person still hears the crackling during the live session.

The other person did not get this issue until after the Jamkazam updates (on 27th Sept 2020 there was no crackling on recording or during live session).

Please could you help with trouble shooting this issue we have.


Sounds like the issue is 'with the other persons' settings.
The overall info given is a little sparse. Are you on WIN/MAC? Using dedicated drivers/ASIO?
Are your settings in Jamkazam too challenging for the eqpt used? (frames/buffers/etc)
Are computers on mains? Is WiFi switched OFF? Are there any background processes running while jamming?
There's a lot to be considered. Looking to get latency down often ends up in hurting the actual audio quality. It's a thin line.

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