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Webcam Test
(09-12-2020, 08:05 PM)boblm51@comcast.net Wrote: When I click the "test webcam" button I briefly see a pop-up "jamkazam video" window and then it is overridden by a warning with a yellow triangle that says:  "Warning: Video Always on Top Enabled - Jamkazam Live Jamming Music Client".   What does this mean?

The video window is blank before it quickly disappears .  When I minimize the jamkazam program window, I do not find the video window anywhere.  When I go into my camera app to see if it's otherwise working, it tells me that another program is using the camera.  

My camera used to test ok, but now this.  Any ideas?

Squeezer Geezer
That means exactly what it says. When you use video with these settings, that specific (video-)window will 'always be on top'. So, overlay the rest of the programs/apps you have opened.

Try different resolutions if you don't get a working video image.

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