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VST Quirks
(08-12-2020, 07:10 PM)wallbeav Wrote:
(08-11-2020, 06:03 PM)blandis Wrote: Yeah, I too have had problems with the VSTs, interestingly I didn't correlate it to the channel (Channel 0 being the first configured audio channel, and Channel 1 being the second).  I wonder if the order of the configuration matters.  I'll check my systems, and maybe reconfigure in reverse order to see if that makes a difference in which VST works and which doesn't.  I have 3 different systems, using 2 different audio interfaces, but I've experienced inconsistent VST operations in all of them
I don't think it as robust as a DAW and that's fine. I may have come across a clue why the 1 channel loads the incorrect VST, but I gotta play more.
It seems if I start up the client when traffic is nill, it works like a charm. Even if I don't keep a session open, as long as the client is running I can come back to it and works fine. If I start it up on a busy day after noon, different story. May be meaningless.

Let me if you learn something.
I have a tendency to agree. It's worked flawlessly. It's possible it's their updates, but it's real difficult to communicate with them. It ain't their fault and the privileged in this forum are ehh. Smaller rooms work better of course. Knowing your mates have fair setups is important.

Hardwired, I've looked at modem logs, router logs, rebooted every device. Now I've tried a couple different VST. Just the basics is required. Compressor, reverb individually on an instrument. It could actually be built into the app. I suppose I need to look at the least overhead. I use a VST on a midi controller for piano also. It's a Presonus Studio64c and an Impulse, not shabby devices w/ASIO.

To test, I record a UTube vid or Fakebook. I can hear the drop outs. I've done the clients recording, but it may be recording on a safe side of the process, thus not capture the drop outs.
It's Wallybeav. Mad Cow loss of conscience dropped the 'y'.

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