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port forwarding and optimizing
PF dedicates a specific range of ports for a device or software service in your LOCAL network.

Others will chime in. But port forwarding can improve your local JK network performance, vs internet performance. If your home network has several devices accessing the internet, port forwarding may be a good idea. My concept of port forwarding is equivalent to a large house with a lot of activity going on in every room. PF is that shortcut for someone/something coming through the front door and taking the less obstructed path to get to the designated room. Otherwise there can be obstacles along the way causing local latency/disruption before getting to the destination room. Hence network hiccups. Routers in general are great for handling the traffic, however. Some use the window=port analogy

I have 5 devices on my local network. I turn all of them OFF, except for the pc running my JK session. And yes, I have PF enabled but since I have everything off,  one could argue I don't need PF if everything else is off. True, but sometimes I forget to turn other machines off. I just try and give my JK session as much local network as possible.

Keep in mind there is the firewall (hardware and software), and IP sniffers that will also potentially obstruct JK traffic even if you have PF enabled.

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