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port forwarding and optimizing
I am new to the concept of port forwarding.  

I grasp the concept of port forwarding as a set of ports dedicated to Jam Kazam and configuring these within my router, there are a few videos on youtube on how to do this.

My question is does port forwarding improve the overall latency and response?  Does port forwarding cut any millseconds off  travel time, and also --does it reduce any jitter?

Right now I am not using port forwarding -- I'll try anything to cut more milliseconds off.

I am in the city of Denver.  Hopefully we can unlock the local latency key for our local players.  Any advice at all to optimize travel / network time is greatly appreciated.

Thank you
Evan Sitchler

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port forwarding and optimizing - by ivarevan@yahoo.com - 07-27-2020, 06:37 PM
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