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Anyone using ASIO4ALL without an audio interface?
Hi all,

I am trying to help a JK friend shave some ms off their audio gear latency. 

Here are some details about their current setup:

   * on Windows
   * default WDM driver
   * they have no external audio interface
   * Framesize setting 10ms (I think this is the default for WDM)
   * Audio gear latency 20.0ms.

Does anyone have experience using the the ASIO4ALL driver without an external audio interface?  It would be especially helpful to hear from you.
Does it help at all to reduce latency?

Any tips suggestions for improving latency on Windows other than purchasing an audio interface?

Thank you

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Anyone using ASIO4ALL without an audio interface? - by lcmac - 07-19-2020, 02:59 PM

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