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Troubleshooting White Screen video.
Hello again. I am working with a teacher who has set up JamKazam on a Mac Desktop (not sure model yet.) The problem I have had so far is that when we share video, all I get from him is a white screen. I think he is seeing a black screen (though it may be white.) I tried closing and open sessions, closing and opening and the JamKazam application, but still get the same result of a white screen from him and a black screen from me. We both can see our cameras locally.
       When I see the teacher again shortly, I plan to have him click on his name, click on video settings and see the right camera is selected and he can see an image when he runs a test and if he doesn't, test for all resolutions.
       The other thing I was planning to check is to go into preferences/security/video and make sure JamKazam is checked as one of the permitted apps (or words to that effect- I am on a Dos box right now.)
        Are there any other suggestions other then trying a different webcam?
        Thanks, as always, for everyone's help.
Robert "Lee" Vanarsdall
University of Maryland, College Park

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Troubleshooting White Screen video. - by LVanarsdall - 07-14-2020, 11:46 AM

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