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Yet another greyed out audio can't jam thread
I am new to Jamkazam ...and not a network genius.  But I have tried all the suggestions that I find on these forums for the problem of not being to join a session and hear others.  I spent all day on this ...and then talking to my ISP.  The only thing I have not tried yet is a static IP address because this late in the day that requires talking to the business office and agreeing to an extra fee.  So it would be tomorrow on that.    But in speaking with tech support ...they asked if I could see video from others in a session ....and I can.  I can also sporadically hear maybe one person off and on.  So the ISP is telling me they do not think it is the need for a static IP or anything else from them.  What are folks thoughts on this ....so far no good for me on using Jamkazam.

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Yet another greyed out audio can't jam thread - by Richard Head - 06-29-2020, 10:01 PM

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