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IOS Client?
(06-29-2020, 02:03 PM)BenOnBass Wrote: Is there any effort to develop an IOS client?  The tech in my iPad Pro is way ahead of my 11 year old iMac.  If so, I could hard wire to the network if 5G wireless is too laggy.

I would like to second this request. I’m not considering these devices use WiFi, but rather a USB C dock with Ethernet and audio, or since you have the USB C Dock, then add an audio interface (many work with iPadOS). I have several iPad users that I support that have used Zoom with a wired Ethernet connection for music purposes (not performing together).

It works, and with the iPad Air also $pping with a USB C port now, that makes the barrier to entry rather low.

IPad Air
USB C multi port dock w/ethernet and USB 3
If the dock doesn’t include audio support, then use an iPad compatible interface.

To test how far back this setup would work, I used an iPad Air (with lightening port) into a powered USB 3 hub, into my FIRST generation Scarlett 2i4. It worked! Being the nerd I am, I tried loading up the iPad w/ a MIDI Synth...and it kept working. I have to say the iOS devices are capable and could be a low-end entry point for some users.

Just my $0.02.


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