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New User: Can't set up Focusrite Scarlett

There are plenty of posts already on the forum - and some pretty good YouTube videos on audio gear setup (search for JamKazam in YouTube). ... but I would start with:

Load the correct Focusrite drivers - download from Focusrite (that helped me lots)
Check it is working - possibly linked to a DAW (audacity was what I used) .... you can get a suitable gain level set easily with that
Load load the JamKazam app and use that (your screenshot does look a bit like the web interface)
When you get to setup up your audio gear - you should be able to select your Focusrite ASIO driver from the input drop down

Hope that helps

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RE: New User: Can't set up Focusrite Scarlett - by Chris Frost - 06-18-2020, 07:11 PM

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