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Possible Solution - No Audio from others, Router config error message
  • You can hear yourself
  • You can’t hear audio from others in session
  • You appear greyed out in other participant’s clients
  • Sometimes it looks like you have 100% packet loss
  • Everyone gets popup window with router error message (...other members can’t hear you, check your router settings or reboot router…)
Possible Solution:
If your interface has a s/w control panel, launch it before starting Jamkazam.

Most audio interfaces come with software and drivers you have to install, either on a Mac or Windows PC. When you load the drivers, usually an interface control panel application is also installed. It allows you to control specific parameters on your interface, or maybe control the volume levels of the input and output channels.

For example, I have a Resident Audio Thunderbolt interface connected to a Mac. When I installed the drivers it also installed a simple software app control panel that allows me to change sample rate and output levels.

Some friends I jam with bought Mackie Artist 1-2 USB interfaces to connect to Mac’s or PC’s. When they installed the drivers a separate s/w control panel was also installed.

In all cases, even after installing the drivers, and on both Mac and Windows, we experienced these symptoms if we didn't start the control panel first. Each member in the session started the audio interface control panels and restarted JK and the symptoms cleared and they could get audio from the others.

If your interface has a s/w control panel, launch it before starting Jamkazam. Otherwise you may experience the symptoms described above.

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