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Why does JK offer a different device for In and Out?
I have a question:  Why does the Jamkazam setup dialogue offer a different device for 'OUTPUT' than the input.  When adding a new device 'audio profile' after scanning for devices, the user can choose devices from a dropdown list for the INPUT(s).  After that device is chosen, the user is offered a chance to adjust with an ASIO panel, then suggests to 'Rescan' the device after adjustments are made.  After that, in the adjacent panel for 'OUTPUT,' it offers similar user-input-functionality in that it appears that the user could select another device for the output that is different than the one for input.  It offers 'Same as Input' as well.  If I were developing the product, I would make sure that this choice never appears since PC architecture does not allow a single application space to use two different pieces of hardware, (this is because of the way Windows deals with devices and drivers in something called a 'Hardware Abstraction Layer" or 'HAL'). 

I'll try to answer this myself...
I'm ignorant with regards to the method that Apple (Mac) uses for processing software instructions to hardware peripherals, but I would conjecture that the software options are presented to users on either platform, even if they are not applicable for PC (Windows) users, and therefore, for users of the Mac, they actually CAN select a different device each for Input and Output.

Mac users?
Please comment....
Thank you!

Brion Bell - Relative Noob to JK, [However... 37 years of computer science experience; 57 years of music experience; 23 years of electronic music experience.]

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