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Install / update client on Win10 trouble
OK friends, looking for some Windows insight here myself this time.

Trying to aid a colleague in the UK but we keep running into the same issue. 'Remnants' of an earlier installation blocking a fresh install.

He has a desktop/tower machine running W10 and had JKZ installed and - sort of - working back in march with v1.0.3698.
Since then an update went south and after a lot of trial and error he gave up on JKZ.

Now, trying to get back into the game he has de-installed the non-functioning client, scanned his system, both manually and with some tools, for remaining files (there were none), did a registry scan and clean and manually deleted the JKZ folders in the two(?) known locations under AppData. Rather thorough I would think.

However, trying to reinstall JamKazam from a freshly downloaded current .msi gives the puzzling error that the prior version (v1.0.3698) cannot be removed upon which the install hangs.(??!)

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.


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Install / update client on Win10 trouble - by Dimitri Muskens - 06-08-2020, 04:59 PM

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