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Is there a Perfect Hardware Combination?
disclaimer: I was an IT tech and worked @ Dell in a previous life. I also have spent enough money on computers-for-audio to buy a Tesla. Most of that was wasted, as the stuff didn't really work.

I heartily recommend a Mac Mini, Air, iMac, etc (can't speak for the new Macbook) and any interface from Mark of the Unicorn. "Once you use Mac, you won't want to go back".

If you want to keep using the hardware you have, I suggest you update the Dell system BIOS, update all of the Dell drivers, get rid of any software you have on it that you don't use, then re-install the Steinberg drivers, then finish off by deleting/re-creating your audio profile in the JK client.

Don't be put off by numbers pertaining to jitter, latency, or delayed borborygmas. Just go do it - it might work OK

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