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Interface Nonsense!
I'm running with either a Yamaha TFx USB ASIO driver or a Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 USB ASIO interface.  In JK, the Yamaha reports 14.7 ms of latency I/O at (fixed by manufacturer -  48Khz), with a 64 byte buffers setting...  JK reports over 95 ms of latency in and out of the USB ASIO Scarlett interface, and complete instability, (NO MATTER WHAT ASIO PANEL CONFIGURATION I SET)!!!!
So, in all of my other audio software, (DAWS, 'LiveWare', etc.), I'm getting like 5ms of latency, out of BOTH of my interfaces, ACROSS THE BOARD!
But JK reports at least three times or NEARLY TWENTY TIMES the latency?!?!?
What gives, Jamkazam?!?!?
I had a 'forced update' to Jamkazam today, and it caused my Yamaha's latency to increase.  I think you messed up the algorithms to process the audio streams being generated by the A/D-D/A converters in our interfaces.
Meanwhile, even though a 'rustic' interface is presented for 'Jamulus' - I think I'm starting to head in that direction unless someone can give me a good reason not to...

I hope this gets better, and sincerely, I will pray for a miracle for the 'big deal' happening this Saturday!  Unless you're working with one of Spacex's new satellites, , or you are 5g-connected end-to-end, you ain't gonna get any reasonable (network) latency, (especially across the Trans-Atlantic path!).  I'm going to tune in though, that's for sure!

(Starting to turn around and walk away...

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